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Christmas Crafts

Day 4 - 12 Presents of Christmas
A great way to get the family together and get creative around Christmas time is by doing craft activities. We have put together a few simple ideas of different activities that could be done to decorate your home or share with family and friends.
For the Home
Jumper Stockings
Why not reuse your old Christmas jumpers to create Christmas stockings to hang above the fireplace? To start the craft, you will need a stocking stencil to trace around, there’s a variety of templates online. You will also need an old jumper, scissors, some thread, and a needle. Once you have outlined the stocking and cut it out, simply sew the pieces together. If you would like to personalise the stocking, you could purchase some wooden letters from a local craft shop and sew them on. 
Mason Jar Lanterns
Another simple yet effective craft is making lanterns out of mason jars. Mason jars can be found in places like The Range, Hobbycraft, and Ikea, and you could buy varying sizes depending on where you would like to place them in your home. To illuminate the jars, all you need are battery-operated micro fairy lights to fill the inside of the jar. If you would like to create decorations for your tree, simply hang
some heavy-duty string on the smaller jars. Other ideas for where you could place the jars are on window sills, coffee tables, or as a centerpiece on your dining table. 
For the Family
Christmas Cards
Creating Christmas cards is one of the easiest and best ways to get children involved in crafts and you can use a range of materials. Starting with good quality card or paper, get your creativity flowing with glitter, paint, felt tips, stickers, or different coloured card. If you are looking for a particular theme, purchasing a card making kit is a great idea as they have all of the parts you need to make fantastic cards. Share the cards amongst family, friends, or school friends to spread Christmas cheer!
Cardboard Gingerbread Style Houses
Around Christmas, there is often plenty of spare cardboard from online orders, which can be repurposed. A fun activity to do with the family is creating gingerbread-style houses out of cardboard. To decorate, use a white pen to draw traditional gingerbread house patterns and stick tracing paper or thin baking parchment behind the windows. Battery-operated candles could also be placed inside the house to add a small glow.