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Dore, Totley and Millhouses

Aline Newton talks about the recent national and local property trends.

The property market in the UK recovered earlier than expected, forecasters predict that we will experience another couple of years of continued price increases before they settle back down to something that we used to refer to as normality. The recent stamp duty reform and availability of good mortgage deals has helped to push up prices and increase activity in the mainstream market.

“The housing market remains buoyant. We are experiencing a healthy increase in new instructions as vendors now have the confidence that property prices are back on track and set to rise for the foreseeable future.” commented Aline Newton, Sales Manager at Blenheim Park Estates.

Sheffield as a whole shows encouraging signs of following the national trend and we are now experiencing stronger house prices and an increased desire to live in certain areas of Sheffield. The South West of Sheffield for example, has some of the most highly regarded suburbs in which to live, including Dore, Totley and Millhouses. They all offer a quality of life, which attracts all types of people from the wealthy looking for elegant and impressive residences, as well as young families looking for better schools and to continue the climb up the property ladder. All of these areas are served by excellent facilities and amenities.

They all have excellent schools, road and rail links out of Sheffield and an abundance of recreational facilities, whatever their interests. They are all steeped in history and everywhere you look you will find a reminder of the area's past and rich heritage. Of course the jewel in the crown for all of these areas is the fact that they sit on the doorstep to delightful towns and villages of Derbyshire and the Peak District, yet within a short drive to the vibrant City Centre.

As with all aspects of city living, prospective buyers will have very different requirements and what they achieve will depend on the resources they have available. The beauty of all these areas is that they provide opportunities for everyone, however house prices do vary and this may be due to the house type, style, condition, size and proximity to amenities and village communities.

Totley is a delightful residential suburb on the extreme South West of Sheffield. Families here enjoy the close community feel where many enjoy supporting their local churches and community activities.

Dore village is now classed as a suburb of Sheffield and is undoubtedly the area of Sheffield that most people aspire to live in. It is served by Dore & Totley railway station and has a reputation of being Sheffield's wealthiest suburb. The village's compact Centre is well served with shops, restaurants and pubs. It’s all about the postcode and people are willing to pay handsomely for an S17 letterbox.

Millhouses is also located to the South-West of Sheffield, but closer to the city Centre and is mostly classed as a residential area. Local amenities include schools, a park, three pubs, three supermarkets, three churches and numerous small retailers. Residential development focuses on the junction of Abbeydale Road and Millhouses Lane. Most houses in the area were built in the 1920s although there are some that date from the late 19th century.

The buoyant property market reflects that Sheffield continues to be an extremely attractive place to live. Blenheim Park Estates has continually witnessed clients up and downsizing as well as families relocating and graduates putting down their routes. All of which having the same desire to secure sales on their dream properties and making the most of the lifestyle that Sheffield has to offer.

Aline Newton
Sales Manager, Blenheim Park Estates