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Interior Design Trends

In 2017, we saw interior design trends that were focused around creating a rustic industrial look in the home by leaving exposed brick walls untreated and laying flooring with reclaimed wood.

There are a few trends from the previous year that have carried themselves in 2018 such as tropical prints, vintage furniture and geometric patterns.

If you are looking to give your interiors a refresh, take note of these on trend décor ideas…

Tropical Prints

Probably the most popular trend in interior design at the minute is tropical prints, its everywhere! Homeowners are bringing the outside in and creating their own jungle with tropical print wallpaper, cushions, artwork, bed linen and even crockery. Combined with the industrial light fittings that were popular last year, you can create a stylish room.

Bold Colours

Decorating with bold colours has become a great way to revitalise your décor. Making bold colours work together without being too overpowering is a difficult task however, if you start small and work up to a better and bolder room, you may just conquer it. Using cushion and rugs to inject colour into the room is a good way to start testing the waters with how bold you are willing to go.

Ice Cream/Pastel Colours

On the opposite end of the scale, there has been a trend in the use of ‘ice cream’ colours in the home.

Kitchens have been given a new lick of paint under this trend with duck egg blues or light greens being the favourites. For those wanting just a little pastel in their home, kettles, toasters, storage tins and utensils have been accents.

Geometric Patterns

Still on trend from last year are geometric patterns. Although they are created from simple shapes, the patterns can give a modern look fit for the 21st century. A feature wall with geometrical wallpaper can add depth and interest to the room rather than having four walls all the same colour. If you don’t feel like redecorating your walls, simply hang some geometric artwork or place patterned cushions on your couch. The beauty of geometric is that it fits easily with different features of a room.


Embellished accessories have returned in the interior design world as well as in the fashion industry. Almost every cushion, rug or throw you see in the shops this year have some kind of embellishment on them from tassels to feathers.


Back from the 70’s is terrazzo. Originating from Italy, this artisanal décor choice adds an impressive edge to any room whether it be to your kitchen splash backs or bathroom walls. As well as being introduced in the hardware of your home, accessories are also being produced with influence from the material such as plant pots, coasters, storage pots and light fittings.