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Luxury home trends for 2017

Breakfast Kitchen and Wine Room
Burbage House
If 2016 was the year of  ‘broken plan’ homes, where we moved away from open plan living spaces and into high-tech homes with hidden ‘nooks and crannies’; what is 2017 likely to bring to the home of luxury properties.
Cinema rooms
Media rooms now rival the local public theatre and are as prevalent in luxury homes as the family room. These windowless rooms typically boast a theatre-size screen, surround sound and rows of plush seats to accommodate large groups.
The pet parlour
We’re not just talking about an additional utility room to keep your pooch from muddying the rest of the house after a country walk. Many luxury homes now boast a fully-fledged dog room, complete with underfloor heating, luxury dog beds, showers and overhead lamps to dry them after a muddy walk!
Upstairs laundry rooms 
This is an interesting new trend seen amongst luxury homebuyers from across the Atlantic. Considering the majority of our laundry is created upstairs, it makes sense to have your laundry upstairs too and save having to carry laundry baskets to and from the utility room. As well as having space and plumbing for washing machines and tumble dryers, we are also likely to see separate drying cupboards, which not only dry clothes in record time, but also remove creases and eradicate the need for ironing.
Wine rooms
Wine rooms in new luxury homes have moved a world away from a simple temperature-controlled cupboard. They are like art galleries, designed to make you stop and stare and provide a full tasting experience.
Adventure playgrounds
A simple swing and slide or the dreaded trampoline isn’t enough to satisfy today’s young families. Luxury homebuyers are now looking for an adventure playground that puts the local park to shame, with everything from beautifully crafted wooden climbing frames and tree houses to cycle paths and giant sand pits.
The submerging swimming pool
What could be anymore James Bond than pressing a button and seeing the floor of the swimming pool rise up, cascading pool water down beneath it. You can go from pool to ballroom in just a few minutes, maximising space and impressing party guests.
Games rooms
A giant screen and a pool table will no longer cut it. The ultimate man cave or teenage hide out will be a high-tech affair, with music, radio, and TV audio streamed through ceiling speakers from any smart device, including a built-in music server that can be linked to iTunes or Spotify.
Edison bulbs were a big deal last year. You are likely to start seeing more light fixtures being built around LED bulbs, such as using long tubes and small cups to house unique designs while also providing bright, energy efficient lighting. A big point of emphasis in 2017 will be accenting your recessed lighting. Even the light switches and outlets are offering a sleek new grey colour to match the popular cool tones that have worked their way into our homes. 
Wrapping and hobby rooms
Specialised rooms to accommodate particular hobbies or tasks, which are completely outfitted help to keep homeowners organised, are becoming more and more popular. Dedicated rooms for gift wrapping boast everything from ribbons to paper varieties to bags and bows, while sewing rooms have every type of thread, button and zipper imaginable with tables and machines tailored to the homeowner’s needs.
Modern minimalism
As the trend towards minimal living continues, we foresee a return to stylish yet functional storage solutions that lend themselves to smaller living spaces.
Spas, gyms and yoga/pilates studios
The home gym has undergone a makeover and the focus now is on complete health and wellness facilities. Professional-style spas complete with steam rooms and massage rooms overtake the out-dated sauna or whirlpool. Yoga and Pilates studios now add another level to the stair climbers, treadmills and rowing machines.
Professional kitchens
Professional kitchens akin to what one may find in a five-star restaurant are becoming more common place in luxury homes. With a growing emphasis placed on home entertaining, walk-in refrigerators and multiple ovens, sinks and dishwashers are now the norm for even a novice gourmet.
Neutral meets saturated hues
If Pantone, a company known for its colour matching system and industry colour trend predictions, is any indication, the on trend colour for 2017 will be green, a yellow-green shade that takes its cue from the environment. Other on trend colours include earthy shades like Kale (the same colour as the vegetable) and Hazelnut, in addition to splashy shades like Lapis Blue (a vivid jewel tone) and Flame, a fiery orange.
Art inspired wallpaper
This wallpaper looks more like a mural and less like traditional wallpaper. A lot of these art-inspired wallpapers come in many different textures and colours to enable you to make a personal statement.
Smart Homes
There will be a rush to connect all manner of devices to the Internet with an emphasis on being able to control everything at the touch of your smart phone. Not only will you be able to control your heating or monitor your CCTV, A smart home could even be able to detect a fire and automatically dial the emergency services. Products that make your home more secure and are simple to use are the ones to watch.
When you’re searching for that dream forever home, it’s easy to find yourself continually adding to the wish list, with everyone in the family voicing their own requests and ideas. If you’re struggling to find a home that ticks all the boxes, then you can always consider buying a property with potential and then adding to it through extensions or renovations. Or, if you don’t want to compromise at all, why not build your very own home with Blenheim Park Estates and Blenheim Park Developments. Working together we have helped clients to purchase land in their ideal location and we are renowned for designing and custom-building luxury properties that turn our client’s dreams into reality…