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Professional Property Photography - Why is it important?

Any estate agent can take photos of your house, but it is not guaranteed that they have the correct equipment and knowledge to take shots that portray your property in the best light.
Professional photography is essential when marketing a property, so we have put together five reasons of what divides a specialist from an amateur.
1. Professional photographers will notice what others won’t
An amateur photographer will take the shot and not consider what could distract a potential buyer from distinguishing the most impressive points of a room. A professional photographer will remove items in the shot that could be a distraction or cause the room to look cluttered such as rubbish bins, kitchen appliances and children’s toys.
2. Professionals will assess a room before taking the shot
Instead of standing in the doorway with their tripod, taking one wide angled photo and moving onto the next room, a professional will decide which angles will represent the room in a way that will appeal the most to viewers.
3. Professionals don’t rush
Someone who wants to do a good job will stay at your property for several hours, making sure they catch the best light. They will often revisit different parts of the property to take more photos as the light changes so that they can select the best ones in post-production. Photographers who hurry to get the job done won’t deliver you the most advantageous finished result for your property.
4. Professionals will pay close attention in post-production
An expert’s work doesn’t stop once the photo shoot is completed. They will go back to their computer and spend hours processing the images to make sure that they are sharp and not under/over exposed. After correcting the levels, sharpness, noise and colouring, they will edit the photos to clone out any loose wires behind televisions, tripod reflections in mirrors or glass and correct converging verticals.
5. Professionals will deliver high-quality images
The images that a professional will use in their brochures and advertisements will be in high resolution where as an amateur may market your property with pixelated, low-quality images that a potential buyer will dismiss instantly.