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What Do Valuers Look for in your Property?

In addition to the price per square metre, property type, the current market and comparable sold prices in the area influencing house prices, there are many other factors that affect the value an estate agent puts on your home.
Of course location is also one of the most important requirements to an estate agent valuing your property. If you live in a sought-after location, the price of your home is likely to command a higher price. A good example within Sheffield is S10, where properties are in high demand and when they come to the open market, there are often numerous viewers interested. Properties in a less desirable area will naturally achieve a lower valuation. The ease of access to local amenities can also be a contributing factor, especially for homes that may be of interest to the elderly. A good school catchment area providing access to highly regarded schools can also bump up your asking price, particularly with homes that are attractive to families.
Valuer's also take note of the fixtures and fittings within your home and their quality. This includes items such as your kitchen units, integrated appliances, bathroom suites, doors and windows. If your fixtures are of a high specification and in good working order, they will make a big difference to the property's value. Furthermore, any fittings that you would ideally like to take with you to your new home, such as range cooker, can be used as a negotiation tool further down the line if the buyer would like to include it in the purchase.
The general maintenance of your home can have an affect on its value. If you have looked after your property well or it is brand new, this can benefit the valuation process. However, if your home is in poor condition, for example, damp, stained carpets and peeling render, this can have a detrimental effect on your house price because a buyer would be required to spend money to replace and improve it. Before inviting an estate agent to your property, it can be worth redecorating with neutral colours, tidying up the garden and addressing any other negative issues.
Agents are particularly interested in the space your home has to offer. The sizes of rooms and number of bathrooms are very important to buyers, as they obviously want to get the most living space for their budget. One way to accentuate the space of your home is to clear out any clutter that makes a room look smaller than it actually is. Likewise, outdoor space is influential on the sale price. For instance, a south facing garden will add more value than a garden that lacks sun throughout the day. Off road parking and garaging is valuable too, as it is considered more secure and convenient than homeowners having to park on public streets. As well as the current space, if your property offers the opportunity to improve and extend, it can not only add some value to your home but also make it a little easier to sell. Buyers are sometimes more optimistic about a property that doesn't quite provide them with the room they require but gives them the option to convert and extend to make the place their own. Gaining planning permission for renovation prior to putting your house on the market can also increase it's value and appeal to potential buyers.