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...That’s why our sales consultants fully accompany viewings for our properties, unless otherwise requested.
We believe in selling a lifestyle, not just properties. Therefore, our team always ensures to arrive early to appointments to prepare and stage your home prior to the viewers arriving. We also consider how people would live in your home and select certain features that would be interesting to a potential buyer. For example, if there are bi-folding doors out onto the garden, we will open these up to show how well your property connects from the inside to the outside.
Our team are security conscious when showing viewers around your home and make sure that they accompany people throughout the duration of the viewing. We also provide shoe covers at every appointment so that your home is well looked after.
As a vendor, you are able to go out and relax whilst we meet with potential buyers and use our expertise to sell your home. Afterwards, we contact the clients and relay their feedback to you, along with any offers.