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Advantages Of Selling In January

January 2022

The time has come around again to the New Year – where people make resolutions of all kinds to improve their lifestyle.

A New Year can often kickstart people’s desire to move or improve their home. Some may be looking to alter their layout and update their décor, whilst others may be thinking about a complete change by moving house.

There are many advantages to selling at the beginning of a new year, so here are a list of reasons for moving.

-       New House, New School

Your children may be approaching the age of starting school in the next few years so you will most likely be thinking about which school you are wanting to send them to. With time on your side in this scenario, it’s a perfect opportunity to market your home and look at moving to the catchment areas for the top performing schools. Starting this process early will also allow your family to settle into your new home and area before school starts!

-       Low Stock, Better Price

Just after Christmas is usually a quiet period in terms of the stock levels in the housing sector. In this current market, there is still a huge demand of buyers but a lack of supply. Putting your house on the market could attract more interest and therefore offers the possibility to achieve a higher price.

-       Improve your Buying Position

With the market operating on high demand, it is important that when you are wanting to move that you are in the best buying position you can be. To increase your chances of securing your next home amongst a pool of other eager buyers, place your home on the market to enable you to agree a sale and become a more favourable buyer to sellers.

If you are looking to make a move this year, then now is the time to do it with our bespoke service. This January, if you market your property with us, then you get £500 back* on the completion of your house sale! (*T&Cs Apply). Not all resolutions may last, but we can be certain that our service will not disappoint and start your year off right by taking the stress out of selling.