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Christmas Decoration Schemes

Pastel Shades – Move over red gold and green, pastel colours are here to stay, not only were they one of the main interior trends for summer, they are now the height of fashion for Christmas.
Star Ornaments – Contemporary metallic stars hanging from the ceiling make for a subtle Christmas decoration that steers away from the traditional ornaments and fit in well with a modern home.
Inspired by Nature – Natural pinecones are the perfect accent for your Christmas decoration scheme; create beautiful rustic textures with garlands, decorative bowls, wreaths and ornaments.
Urban Chic – Mixing different metal hues – gold, silver and brass will create a modern composition with sleek textures and comforting light reflections.
Classic Chic – The classic style of Christmas has seen a resurgence in popularity over recent years. Traditional decorations can brighten any home. Reds spiced with accents of gold and green are the colours to opt for, keep this colour pallet throughout the house, from the tablecloth to the candles and even to the tree decorations for a Christmas like times gone by.
Retro Baubles – Metallic and glass ornaments provide a classy look to any tree. Christmas is an excellent time to feel nostalgic; a tree decorated in retro ornaments will bring those happy childhood memories flooding back.
Nordic-inspired Festive Displays – Bright white and minimal displays with plenty of natural textures and botanicals will bring elegance and simplicity to your Christmas.
Single Tone Fairy Lights – When it comes to decorating with twinkly lights make sure that you only use one colour. Try and use the same warmth of lights and if you opt for colour; choose one and stick to it.
Wreaths – Wreaths provide a wonderful seasonal welcome to your home. Ensure that your wreath is in keeping with your interior colour scheme and securely fastened to survive the winter elements.
Mistletoe – Kissing aside, mistletoe is a lovely decoration to have in your home, simply tie a bunch with a silk ribbon and hang over a doorway