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Christmas Gift Ideas for Those Moving Home

December 2021
With Christmas on the horizon, people will be eager to buy last-minute presents in a bid to get someone their ideal gift. However, with such a vast choice of things to buy, here is a guide on items to buy someone if they are moving home.

When moving into a new home, it’s a good time to refresh the cutlery draw with something different. Although it may seem like a very practical gift, these two sets offer high-quality cutlery that will be sure to last, and will look great in their new kitchen!

Kitchen Gifts

During a stressful time, the last thing that you want to do is spend hours cooking. Buying kitchen appliances or utensils can be a huge help when settling in. Air Fryers are on the rise in popularity because of their ability to make healthy food with ease. Paired with that can be a recipe book to spark ideas for quick and easy meals.

Having the blank canvas of a new home gives a homeowner the opportunity to tailor their home to how they want it. You can gift them some décor that adds to a space and reflects their personality. House plants are also very popular to give as gifts and provide a pop of colour to a room. 


When you’ve first got the keys and have got all of your belongings in the house, there will be plenty of boxes that need unpacking. Something that can help with the general organisation of a home is a planner that can help with their schedule for the week in advance, such as planning meals, appointments etc. And why not do it using a chalkboard? It’s practical and looks nice with different types of décor.


In recent years, there has been an increasing trend of smart homes. From remote-controlled lighting systems to smart speakers, some homeowners love to find a product that will make their life easier. A useful and relatively inexpensive smart home gift is the Amazon Alexa, which assists you in your home by playing music, answering your questions and setting alarms. A Ring doorbell is also a handy gift, allowing homeowners to see who is at their door whilst they’re away. 
• Ring Video Doorbell -

Everyone deserves a little treat, so why not give someone a chocolate themed hamper or selection box. Although it’s not directly linked with moving, it’s still nice to treat friends or family with something that will let them unwind. And besides, who doesn’t like chocolate!

The Spa Treatment
When someone moves, the chances are they will be rather stressed, so why not buy them something to help them relax. Whether it’s their favourite scented candle or a weekend getaway, it’s nice to see your gift make a difference to them.

Gift Sets
A classic present is a gift set and here are two from different price ranges. One being a perfume/scented gift set, and the other is a ‘pamper’ gift set, which includes a body wash and shower crème.