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Feature Walls

Feature walls also known as accent walls are the terms given to walls, which are decorated to provide a design statement to an interior space. Traditionally papered with a bold design to attract focus to specific wall and more recently being painted onto freshly skimmed plaster, the feature wall has been utilised by interior designers for decades and in recent months the feature wall has been going through another transformation to incorporate the use of textures along with unusual materials.
Some feature walls such as mirrored walls can also be used with the intention to serve a specific purpose for example to make a room look brighter and larger due to the reflection of light and the illusion of depth.
Exposed Brick
One of the most popular feature walls seen in homes of the 21st century are exposed brick and natural stone. This décor choice adds character, texture and is successful in achieving a rustic industrial feel.
Reclaimed Timber
Repurposing old timber for your feature wall as planks or stacked logs can really make a statement in your home décor. The aesthetic nature and warmth of wood can introduce a certain level of cosiness whilst demanding attention from eye catching geometric shapes and wood’s natural characteristics.
Bold Block Colours
A simpler and more cost effective way to cover a blank wall would be to choose a bold or contrasting colour. A recent trend is to paint with colour routed in the past with a direct nod to a homes specific architectural period. Many
fashionable homeowners have been opting to use colour palettes to recreate decorating schemes that are not only bold but also sympathetic to the age of a property.
Patterned Wallpaper
The use of patterned wallpaper can create a striking impact. Patterned paper continually comes in and out of fashion with many prints relating to art movements throughout the years. A trend, that was hot for 2017, was to recreate retro geometric patterns and bold colours, which clash and repeat to mesmerise the eye.
Tiles and Slips
Tiles and brick slips are a perfect choice to introduce texture and style to natural looking features walls. Equally at home on exterior walls as interiors, these versatile materials can be used to create showcase walls of various styling, from traditional rustic to sleek and modern. Another trend making a come back in recent years is to create mosaic patterns out of smaller tiles to achieve a unique design.
Showcase Walls
The use of tailored furniture such as shelving and built-in nooks can provide a base for a showcase wall of your choice. The focal point could be a display of books or an aperture to display ornaments and family pictures.
Feature walls can add a diverse design statement and can be used to create captivating, elegant and tranquil accents, which allow people to have fun and reflect their personalities within the décor. Coupled with imagination and confidence, every room presents an opportunity to make a statement.