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Gift Wrapping Themes

Day 9 - 12 Presents of Christmas
Gifts are a huge part of Christmas and there is plenty of opportunity to get creative with gift wrapping. Here are some ideas for different ways to wrap presents and the overall gift wrapping themes so everything ties together.
Wrapping presents can be difficult due to the varying shapes of gifts and there are lots of options for wrapping paper. You can add more customisation with ribbons, gift toppers and additions to make the gift more personal.
DIY can be a more cost-effective way to transform your gifts and make them much more personal compared to buying shop-bought paper.
If you buy some plain wrapping paper, you can customise how you want it to look, such as using hand lettering. You can use watercolour or even calligraphy pens to write out themed or personal messages that make a statement.
If you’re looking for something more simple, you can take plain paper, buy a pot of paint, water it down slightly, dip in a paintbrush and splatter it onto the paper! It is simple, yet adds a bit of extra detail. Add a ribbon, gift toppers and top off with a tag.
You can also decorate your gift with yarn. Take brown paper or any plain wrapping paper of your choice. Get some red and white yarn, twist them together and secure the ends with a glue gun. Add dots of glue onto the wrapping paper and stick them onto the gift in the shape of a candy cane. You can create a similar look with black and white yarn and tie it around the whole of the gift. Cut out coloured card in the shape of fairy lights and stick them onto the yarn, which creates Christmas lights.
If you are looking to go for a classic Christmas gift theme, opting to wrap like a parcel can really tie your theme together well. Stick on some ‘stamps’, a sticker to the recipient and finish off with red and white string and a brown tag. You can even create a wax seal to make it more realistic!
If you want to create an overall theme for the presents that you’re wrapping, here are some suggestions:
Classic Christmas colour themes consist of red, green, white and gold. You can also include gift bags with Christmas phrases, or with images of Santa. You can also add gift toppers, such as bells and custom gift tags.
This theme uses colours including grey, brown, white, beige and accents of red and gold. Adding fabrics provides softer textures and muted colours with touches of red and gold.
In this theme, simplicity is key. The most popular colours to use are white, black, grey, beige and soft blues/greys. Using wrapping paper with plain or minimal patterns can be paired with gift toppers for additional texture to achieve a slightly less traditional gift wrap.
Similar to a classical style, vintage takes advantage of the reds, greens, golds and brown with tartan gift tags, wrapping paper and ribbon. Nutcrackers are popular with vintage themes, as well as the use of vintage images, such as Santa, snowmen and Christmas Scenes.
This theme is simplistic, yet very effective and takes advantage of plain wrapping paper or brown paper. This theme uses a lot of different gift toppers, which range from dried fruits, berries and pinecones to bells and ribbons. You can tie the foliage to the gift with string or ribbon or wrap gifts in fabric for a more natural finish and additional texture. 
Colour Themes:
Using colours that mesh well together is the key and below are some recommended colour combinations you can use. You can also include a range of gift accents of different colours throughout the theme. Here are some examples below:
• Gold and silver with green, gold and silver accents.
• Blue and gold.
• Pastels are a staple and there are endless combinations with their muted tones.
• Pink, navy blue and gold.