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Keep your Home Warm this Winter

With winter approaching, it’s good to start thinking about what you could do to make sure your home keeps you warm in the colder months ahead.
Be Clever with your Thermostat
A common misconception of using central heating is that you should leave it on a low temperature all day, as it is cheaper than turning your heating on high as and when you need it. However, this wastes energy if your house is empty in the daytime and wastes money too as your heating is on when it isn’t needed. Instead, you can set your heating to come on a little earlier before you get up in the morning on a low temperature. This way you are saving money and using your heating system more effectively.
Stop Heat from Leaving your Home
Use draught excluders on your external doors and integral garage doors and close your curtains when the heating is on to stop the warm air escaping and cold air coming in from the outside.
Creative Insulation
Find yourself a large piece of cardboard, wrap it in tinfoil and place it behind your radiators that are fitted on external walls. This useful trick reflects heat from your radiators and back into your room instead of the heat leaving through the wall behind it.
Move your Furniture
If you have any furniture in front of your radiators, move them away and leave the radiator unobstructed so that the heat gets into the room and isn’t absorbed by the furniture.
Incorporate Rugs
It may pain you to cover up your beautiful wooden flooring but placing a rug on the floor can actually stop heat from getting through the cracks in the panels, making your rooms warmer and an added bonus of keeping your feet warm!
Service your Boiler
Before winter arrives, its always a good idea to get your boiler serviced to make sure it is efficiently heating your home when you need it the most.
Shop around for your Gas Supplier
Are you noticing that your heating bills are increasing? Take a look at the prices other suppliers offer to see if you can get a better deal and save some money this winter.