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Partnering with Sheffield S6 Foodbank

March 2022
Blenheim Park Estates, the bespoke estate agents who specialise in selling beautiful properties across Sheffield, Derbyshire, and beyond, and their luxury construction business Blenheim Park Developments have partnered with Sheffield S6 Foodbank to help ensure that everybody in the city has enough food to eat.
The Sheffield-based estate agents and developers will be supporting the work of Sheffield S6 Foodbank in tackling food poverty by fundraising; hosting food donation drives; including the foodbank in their promotional materials to clients; and making a significant monthly cash donation to enable the foodbank to bulk-buy items most in need.
S6 Foodbank are launching a new year-long fundraising campaign on 1 April 2022, with an ambitious target of raising £150,000. The campaign aims to enable the charity to continue to support around 1200 people each week from across the city with emergency food parcels. The new fundraising campaign, ‘Nobody Goes Without’, recognises the importance of partnerships in tackling the city-wide issue of people not being able to feed their families.
Chris Hardy, S6 Foodbank Manager explained, “The past two years have been relentless, but Sheffield people have continued to support others in need, donating food and cash to people they will likely never meet, from across the whole city. And that’s incredible. Having the generous support of Blenheim Park Estates and Blenheim Park Developments this year will help us to raise awareness of what is a city-wide issue, hopefully bringing in donations of food and much-needed cash to enable us to support the
growing numbers of people in need. Their commitment to the city and all its communities has been brilliant to see, and we look forward to working with them!”
Paul Blackburn, Blenheim Park Estates and Blenheim Park Developments Managing Director says, “It has been a pleasure meeting Chris and the team who work tirelessly in the pursuit of helping Sheffield people. Having spent time with Chris, I felt compelled to help their cause, in a city we are so proud of and one where we have built our various businesses. Giving something back is so important and the S6 Foodbank is the cause which we wanted to support and add to our charitable work across the city. The whole of the Blenheim Park Estates and Blenheim Park Developments teams are looking forward to working with our clients to help raise money and support Sheffield people in need. It is truly a wonderful cause - Help Us Help Sheffield.”
Cash donations to support Sheffield S6 Foodbank can be made via the dedicated fundraising page. The S6 Foodbank team and volunteers will be organising fun events across the year to inspire people to get involved. People can stay up to date by following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, at @s6foodbank, searching the hashtag #NobodyGoesWithout, or by visiting the S6 Foodbank website at
Blenheim Park Estates and Blenheim Park Developments also have their own fundraising page for the Sheffield S6 Foodbank's campaign.