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S10 Property Hotspots

Leafy tree lined roads in S10 are proving to be some of Sheffield’s most desirable property hotspots with an estimated average sale price for S10 achieving £306,022*
A suburb consisting of localities including Broomhall, Ranmoor, Fulwood, Hallam Head, Crosspool, Sandygate, Crookes, Crookesmoor and Lodge Moor. The postcode caters for a wide demographic from young professionals and families to parents opting to stay in the family home.
Popular with professionals who have studied or lectured at Sheffield’s Russell Group university and also attracting doctors and surgeons who enjoy the proximity to Sheffield’s hospitals and surgeries. The majority of streets have a welcoming family feel with most residents choosing to live in the catchment area for some of the city’s most highly regarded schooling. The homes built in this location cater well for families, especially around the Sandygate Park, Ranmoor and Fulwood areas where the majority of properties consist of 3-6 bedrooms.
The Sandygate Park, Ranmoor and Fulwood localities are extremely sought-after as it is seldom for properties to come to the market. People often buy homes within these localities and stay in them for many years. As the properties are rare to the market, when homeowners sell in this area they are more likely to achieve several offers. Houses will often sell for well above the initial asking price as buyers compete against each other as they are prepared to pay a premium to live in their desired area.
Aspiring young urbanites choose to live in areas, which offer good amenities and provide a good quality of life, whilst being within easy reach of a larger city. In addition to this, the crowning jewel for S10 is its close proximity to the Peak District National Park and all of the attractions and leisure facilities that the White and Dark Peaks have to offer.
As homeowners are settling in these areas for decades, the older generations are now making up a large segment of the population. Older people are healthier than previous generations and are now living longer and choose to stay in the family home rather than downsizing. With the properties being built for families, it can be suggested that they bought their homes when property prices in Sheffield were far more affordable and who have retired with good pensions. This results in their ability to live comfortably in the family home, long after their children have flown the nest. The family home still caters for the next generation as when the grandchildren come to visit, they can enjoy playing in the family garden and will even have the comfort of their own rooms when they stay over.
Many of the people who choose to sell their family home will usually have lived there for many years. It is often a difficult decision to sell a family home as the house is filled with so many happy memories. It must be heartening to know, however, that there will be a high demand for their property with the next generation of families queuing up to move in.
Our experience of selling in S10 has been very positive over the years. Almost every property we bring to the market in the area proves to be extremely popular with several buyers arranging viewings and many choosing to place an offer on a property. Over the past year, we have calculated an average of 26.5 days for our properties in S10 to go from being published on the portals as ‘for sale’ to the memo of sale being sent out to solicitors and shown as ‘sold subject to contract’ online.
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* estimate taken from Zoopla August 2018