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Stocking Fillers

Day 11 - 12 Presents of Christmas
Christmas stockings have been a traditional decoration for many families around the world. The idea originated in the 4th century where it is thought that St. Nicholas dropped a bag of gold down a mans chimney who could not afford gifts for his daughter and would not accept the gold willingly. This gold then slipped into a stocking which was drying over the fireplace and the Christmas stocking was born. 

Since then, Christmas stockings have grown from traditional stockings to larger socks and even boot sized stockings with the largest holding the Guinness World Record of 51.3m.

Christmas stockings are ideal for smaller gifts and treats. Some ideas could include socks, sweets, chocolate, small toys, jewellery and much more. 

To make your Christmas stockings a bit more exciting you could add a theme to them. This can be a fun activity which your family can do together and here are a few examples of themes:

• Sports: such as football, golf, netball, etc

• Games: such as board games, card games and family games 

• Food and snacks

• Music: everyone's favourite artist has lots of merchandise 

Christmas stockings are traditionally for children but if you are wanting gifts for adults you could include: 

• Cosmetic sets 

• Bathroom sets 

• Drinks

• Chocolate 

• Vouchers 

• Candles 

• Slippers 

• Socks 

If you would like to buy your own Christmas stockings there are many companies that sell them. If you would like to purchase a handmade stocking, take a look on Etsy where there are always lots on offer, and it's a great opportunity to support smaller businesses. 

If you would like to make your own Christmas stockings we have a blog on our website where you can find some tips and tricks. Alternatively, the BBC have made a guide on how to make your own stockings which you can find by clicking here