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The Different Uses of a Garden

March 2022
Across the UK, around 87%* of households have gardens, which is approximately 23 million gardens. However, some people can find it a task knowing what to do with their garden, and how they can best use the space. Here are some general uses for different gardens, and how choosing the right one can benefit your lifestyle, whilst also adding value.
 -       Landscaping
There are many different ways you can landscape your garden, and you can do as many works as you feel you need to. It may be a case of planting flowers and shrubs to border a lawn, or doing specific landscape works to create dedicated areas, which can make the garden feel tidy and professional. You can add height by using climbers and planting trees, texture by including small shrubs and add a pop of colour through flowers that bloom in the different seasons. If you are willing to take the works further, you could even add a water feature or small pond to add structure and depth to the garden.
-       Playground
When you have children, keeping them company can be a task, particularly in the modern world. Using your outdoor space to create a haven for activities, including trampolines, slides if you have the space or even an activities table, where they can draw and have creative freedom in the outdoors. The general consensus is to make a safe space for them, so you may add rubber bark clippings or matting around the play areas. You could also maybe even let them help plan out the space or decorate some areas.
-       Gardening Aspiration
Maybe you’re a cooking enthusiast and are looking to grow


your own fresh vegetables and fruit for meals, or maybe you enjoy gardening and want to spruce up the outdoor space with some flowers and plants! Whatever it is, there are a variety of fruit, veg and flowers that are easy to grow, yet you can still challenge yourself and create your very own garden space that has been grown from the ground up. There are different ways of growing plants, whether it’s in a greenhouse, planted borders or individual pots on a patio. There are a variety of different aspects of garden design, which can add layers to your garden and make it more interesting to view.
-       Leisure
If you feel that you haven’t really got a use for your garden, one thing you can use it for is a social space, an area for outdoor cooking or just a place to relax in the summer evenings. This can be achieved by adding a mixture of seating terraces with a clean and low-maintenance garden, and adding outdoor furniture, such as benches or sets of tables and chairs. Gardens can often be seen as an extension of the home and with the right landscaping, it can be just that – if it’s a nice summer’s day you can enjoy the sun or host an outdoor dinner with friends/family.
If you feel you are going to spend a lot of time in your garden, you can even add features such as a pool, tennis court or an outbuilding where you can create extra space such as a gym or home office.
If you are thinking of a new project in your garden, one of our other core companies, Blenheim Park Developments, specialise in landscape design and can transform your outdoor space. Our team would be more than happy to discuss your ideas with you in a consultation meeting. Please call 0114 358 2020 for more information.
*percentage taken from Wildlife Gardening Forum, accurate as of 08/02/2020