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The Rise of New Technology in Estate Agency

There is no doubt that the use of technology has become more prominent within the estate agent industry in recent years. With developers releasing advanced technology frequently, estate agents are offered new opportunities that can assist with improving their service and help to rise above competitors.
Embracing new technology is crucial if you wish to stay current within the market and ensures that you are able to provide your customers with the best modern day estate agency experience.
Across the UK, estate agents are incorporating ‘intouch displays’ within their shop windows. This interactive touch screen enables people to browse through all of the properties you have on the market in addition to the ones you have showcased. People can search by their own requirements, click on a property that interests them and look through images, floor plans, read descriptions and take a look at a map to see where the property is situated. Customers can also input their details if they would like to request more information about the property. All of the information that can be accessed via the ‘intouch display’ feeds from your existing database, ensuring that it is all up to date.
The use of drones has recently become present in estate agency, with some agents including them in the marketing of their properties. Drones give people a bird’s eye view by taking images or a video of a property. This can help an interested party to see what regular photography doesn’t. For example, they are able to see what the size of the plot is like and get an idea of what is within the surrounding areas. Although this piece of technology has already made its mark, developers are constantly adding new features and improving existing features such as camera quality. 
Google Glass is wearable technology that could be utilised in the future by estate agents. This device gives a viewer a first person perspective of a property through a video call without the viewer actually being present at the property. The ability to conduct viewings using this device would allow people in other countries to view a property without having to spend money on travel. However, the expenses of these devices are high and Google developers are currently working on future versions so it may be a while until we ever see Google Glass making an appearance in the estate agency world.
Facebook have introduced the Facebook Live feature, allowing you to broadcast live video to all of your friends and followers from your phone or computer. Facebook Live offers estate agents the opportunity to stream directly from a property to give their followers a live viewing, where viewers can ask the agent questions in the comments and receive a almost instant response. Also, unlike an in person viewing, a Facebook Live video has the capacity to reach more than just one or two people as Facebook users are notified whenever their friends or liked pages go live. Because of the ability to gain a large reach, it increases the amount of viewers and therefore contributes to the speed of which a purchase is made.
With technology becoming a major part in a modern day Estate Agency’s, there are still many aspects of a traditional Estate Agency that technology cannot compete with. What technology often lacks is the ability to give a high level of customer service from people who have real market and area knowledge. That’s why at Blenheim Park Estates we aim to provide a modern day service, utilising the latest technologies whilst retaining a high level of customer service…