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Volunteering for a Local Charity

Day 6 - 12 Presents of Christmas
There are many different ways to support local charities, which include volunteering, fundraising, donating, or taking part in events. 

Volunteering is an excellent way of contributing to the local community, as well as helping make a difference to people’s lives. Whether it’s with a food bank or a homelessness charity, volunteering can include helping with stock, administration, front of house and so on - there’s something for everyone. 

We have worked with S6 Foodbank for over 9 months, which is a non-profit organisation that helps distribute food to those who need it. Embedded into the food banks are additional aids, including debt support, citizen’s advice, housing advice and support with mental health and well-being. They create food packages that people can collect at one of their 11 sites across Sheffield. The team at Blenheim volunteered on the 26th of November to help organise their stock, ready for it to be given out to the community. 

To help S6 Foodbank’s efforts, you can either drop off food to our drop-off point on Old Station Drive, or you can donate directly to our fundraising page. These donations are put towards food to be given out to those who need it within the local community.

We are currently working with three different charities to help support local charities and those in need, including S6 Foodbank, Hallam FM Mission Christmas and Sheffield Children’s.

Many charities do local events that you can get involved in to raise awareness and money for an important cause, one of which is Sheffield Children’s. They are one of three stand-alone specialists children’s hospitals in the UK. More than 269,000 patient journeys are made to the hospital each year, and donations are used to fund the facilities.

Sheffield Children’s create many events year-round to fundraise, one event includes Theo’s Glow in the Park. This year, it takes place on the 13th of December in Endcliffe Park. If you would like to donate to our page, you can find the link below, or if you would like to get involved yourself, the link to sign up is also below.

Mission Christmas is run by the Cash for Kids charity, which falls under Bauer Media’s Hallam FM. Their aim is to collect and purchase through donations to provide gifts to children who don’t have any presents to open on Christmas Day, from toys to blankets and makeup. You can either donate directly to a page or Mission Christmas, or you can drop off gifts at their different drop-off points. The Blenheim Park Estates office is a drop-off point, so feel free to give us a visit and donate gifts for children across the UK.

There are additional benefits you can take away from volunteering, such as the skills you can learn. This can include teamwork and team building, communication skills, administration skills, and more.