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Winter Lighting

As the winter evenings draw in and the temperature drops, the use of creative lighting can help to create a cosy atmosphere to relax in away from the cold.
With many recent interior trends leaning towards darker colours, a good lighting scheme will help to establish a balance of light and shade. A clever way to maximise the brightness a lamp adds to a room is to position them in front of or on top of mirrored objects. This doubles the amount of light that is being given off and can be a great way to brighten up a particularly dark room.
To form the right ambience for the dark winter months, replace any fluorescent/white bulbs with yellow toned bulbs to add a warmer and cosier feel to your home. You could also switch out your lighter coloured lampshades, which are more suitable through spring and summer, and introduce ones with darker and richer colours.‚Äč
Where your lighting is placed is key to highlighting certain areas of a room. You can draw focus to the main areas such as the dining table in a kitchen or the coffee table in a lounge by installing low hanging pendants or spotlights. Placing lamps around a room helps to create a layered look and blend all of the lighting together.
Decorating with fairy lights isn’t just reserved for the Christmas tree anymore. Fairy lights have become a popular choice when looking to create a soft ambience. Found hanging around mirrors, window frames, mantelpieces and coving, fairy lights provide an elegant look with little expense. Simply lighting a candle can also light an area of a room with a warm glow and definitely adds to a cosy atmosphere.
Getting your lighting scheme right, especially in winter when its dark and dismal, can really make a difference to the presentation of your home and generate a comfortable environment.