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Winter Warnings

As winter is fast approaching and the temperature is dropping, our Sales Manager Aline Newton offers her Winter Warnings and how to prepare your home for the winter months. 
1 - Heating on Low
Ensuring that your pipes don't burst this winter is one of the most important factors, keeping your heating on low or insulating your pipes, should prevent them from freezing over. 
2 - Boilers Serviced
By having your boiler serviced before winter you are reducing the risk of leaking carbon monoxide and you will also be saving money, as it will run much more efficiently. 
3 - Salt Driveways 
With snow on its way and the inevitable ice, it is a good idea to stock up on salt/de-icer. Keeping all paths and driveways to your home clear with de-icer will prevent any build up of ice and keep accidents at a minimum.
4 - Chimneys Swept 
Prior to winter, having your chimney swept will clear out any debris that has built up over the summer months like creosote, nests or other flammable substances. A full chimney sweep will remove any hazards and increase your fires efficiency, ensuring your home is heated evenly throughout winter.
5 - Gutters Cleared 
Now that all the leaves are starting to fall, gutters/drain pipes will start to get blocked and covered with debris. Getting your gutters cleared will stop water from being diverted and leaking into the roof or down the walls of your home. 
6 - Check Roof Tiles
Ensure that all roof tiles are replaced/repaired, having missing or damaged roof tiles can lead to leaking and cause a wide range of problems like damp. By getting these replaced as soon as they are spotted can help prevent any problems occurring.
7 - Loft Insulated
As almost a quarter of heating is lost through your roof, having an insulated loft becomes a necessity when keeping your home warm while using less energy. 
8 - Double Glazing Panels 
Although there isn't long left until the cold weather sets in, if you haven't already got double glazing now is the time to look at getting some installed. This will considerably cut down on heating loss and improve efficiency. 
9 - Light Bulbs
Now that the days are getting shorter, checking external lighting and replacing any damaged/missing bulbs is a good idea to ensure the safety of you and your family when coming and leaving home.